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BDSS is very excited to offer students the opportunity of participating in the SSTC Therapy Dog Training course and lunch time program! 

Students with learning difficulties and those who are faced with stressful situations greatly benefit from consistent interactions with dogs.  This course provides opportunities for students with special needs to develop healthy attitudes towards animals, and to build their self-confidence through working with a variety of dogs.  Students have the opportunity to work with dogs of different ages, breeds and sizes (German Shepherd, Airedale Terrier, mixed breeds).

Working with animals has been proven to be of physical and emotional benefit for people of all ages. The medical profession has acknowledged that stroking and petting animals can have a calming effect, lowers blood pressure, and relieves tension. 

With the support of Ms. Shelley Sutherland, teacher, Mrs. Natalie Crawford, dog trainer/educational assistant  and educational assistants, students have the opportunity to meet their learning goals.  The student learning goals while participating in the dog training course include:

I will....

  • work with dogs of different ages, breeds, sizes
  • demonstrate how to meet and greet an unfamiliar dog
  • use positive reinforcement dog training methods
  • demonstrate the ability to have a variety of dogs follow my commands ie. stay, sit, heel, come, down, leave it...
  • demonstrate the ability to train dogs commands that are new to them 
  • assist my peers in developing their skills and confidence through support, encouragement and conversation about their skills and areas of improvement in working with the different dogs
  • accept and utilize the support and feedback of my peers and teachers in developing my skills and confidence while working with the dogs
  • learn about the proper care of adult dogs and puppies
  • be aware of and demonstrate the proper use of appropriate grooming tools
  • learn about therapy and service dogs and their certification
  • participate in lessons prepared by a variety of speakers ie. polie K-9   Unit, SPCA, groomers, dog trainers, breeders, therapy dog trainers

To participate in the lunch time dog program please
contact Mrs. Natalie Crawford!