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Transportation Technology


Transportation affects our lives in a multitude of ways. We use

cars for everyday purposes, mass transit to commute to work, and flights and cruises for holidays. Transportation systems move raw materials to manufacturers and finished products to consumers locally, nationally, and globally.

Transportation technology courses provide students with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to service, repair, and modify vehicles and vehicle systems. Student will also learn about the organization and management of transportation services and mass-transit systems.


Gr 10 Transportation - TTJ20

This course introduces students to the service and maintenance of vehicles, aircraft, and/or watercraft. Students will develop knowledge and skills related to the construction
and operation of vehicle/craft systems and learn maintenance and repair techniques. Student projects may include the construction of a self-propelled vehicle or craft, engine service, tire/wheel service, electrical/battery service, and proper body care. Students will develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues, and will explore secondary and postsecondary pathways leading to careers in the transportation industry.

Gr 11 Transportation - TTJ3C

This course examines the infrastructure required for the operation of land, air, and/or marine vehicles. Students will design, construct, and modify vehicles, and apply safe work practices and procedures using current technology. They will also develop effective communication and teamwork skills when developing solutions to managing vehicle support systems; investigate the educational requirements for career opportunities in the transportation sector; and analyse the impact of transportation technology on society and the environment.

Gr 12 Transportation - TTJ4C

This course examines alternative modes of mass transit to enable students to develop the specialized knowledge and skills required to work with sophisticated land, air, and/or marine vehicles and transportation systems. Students will solve problems related to vehicles and transportation systems; examine transportation-related issues such as energy conversion, power transfer, control systems, and environmental and societal impact; and investigate the educational requirements of career opportunities in the transportation sector.