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Manufacturing is the transformation of materials into products to meet human needs and wants. In today’s global economy, manufacturing is the foundation of a nation’s wealth and power.
These courses provide students with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to understand, use, and manage manufacturing systems. They will also help students understand the role of manufacturing technology in our economy; its relationship to other economic sectors; and its effects on people, society, and the environment. Their study of manufacturing technology will prepare students for change and for making critical decisions regarding the future.


Gr 10 Manufacturing - TMJ20

This course introduces students to the manufacturing industry by giving them an opportunity to design and fabricate products using a variety of processes, tools, and equipment. Students will learn about technical drawing, properties and preparation of materials, and manufacturing techniques. Student projects may include a robotic challenge, a design challenge, or a fabrication project involving processes such as machining, welding, vacuum forming, or injection moulding. Students will develop an awareness of environmental and societal issues related to manufacturing, and will learn about secondary and postsecondary pathways leading to careers in the industry.

Gr 11 Manufacturing - TMJ3C

This course focuses on design principles; electronic, pneumatic, and hydraulic control systems; and traditional and advanced manufacturing processes. Students will solve problems and make the critical decisions necessary to develop efficient production systems. They will also study the broad range of career opportunities available in the manufacturing sector and their educational requirements, and will research the scope of the manufacturing industry and the impact of its products on individuals, society, and the environment.

Gr 12 Manufacturing - TMJ4C

This course focuses on advanced manufacturing and engineering, and provides students with an opportunity to develop specialized knowledge and skills used in sophisticated production processes. Students will solve problems; make the decisions necessary to develop a product for manufacture; and examine production methods, quality control systems, and environmentaland societal impacts.