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Hairstyling and Aesthetics


Hairstyling and Aesthetics offer students an opportunity to gain a realistic introduction to one or more careers in the service industry. Students may choose to focus on such careers as hairstylist, aesthetician, nail technician, and make-up artist. In a growing service economy, personal services help prepare students for rewarding careers in many areas of employment.

Students will gain hands-on experience by using professional materials and equipment, practising current techniques, and using professional terminology related to their chosen trades. They will also acquire transferable problem-solving skills. Once they learn theoretical knowledge and practical skills pertaining to their areas of interest, students will be better prepared to make informed career choices. At the same time, they will expand their communication and interpersonal skills as they interact with their peers and clients. Through such close personal contact, students will gain both confidence in their ability to care for people and increased self-esteem.


Gr 10 Hairstyling and Aesthetics - TXJ20

This course presents hairstyling, make-up, and nail care techniques from a salon/spa perspective. Using materials, processes, and techniques used in the industry, students learn fundamental skills in hairstyling, giving manicures and facials, and providing hair/scalp analyses and treatments. Students will also consider related environmentaland societal issues, and will explore secondary and postsecondary pathways leading to careers in the field of hairstyling and aesthetics.

Gr 11 Hairstyling and Aesthetics - TPE3E

This course provides students with opportunities to learn techniques in hairstyling and aesthetics that meet industry standards, using appropriate materials and equipment. Students will identify trends in the hairstyling and aesthetics industry; describe scientific and physical processes used in beauty services; learn to respect environmental, health, and safety laws; and explore career opportunities. The course may focus on either hairstyling or aesthetics, or may include a combination of both areas.

Gr 12 Hairstyling and Aesthetics - TPE4E

This course builds on the Grade 11 course to provide a solid foundation for students wishing to pursue a career in cosmetology. Students will continue to develop practical skills and knowledge pertaining to the beauty industry. They will also gain an awareness of the entrepreneurial skills required to own and operate a salon. The course may focus on either hairstyling or aesthetics, or may include a combination of both areas.