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Design, Build, Create, Maintain!

Technological Education is a program that provides students with useful and valuable skills that our technology-driven world demands. From drill bits to computer bits, students can get hands-on experience in a wide variety of subject areas. 
Technology classes provide immediate skills and prepare our students for post-secondary paths such as trades & apprenticeship, college technology programs, and university fields such as engineering. Many of our graduates have gone on to successful careers because of their technical skills.


Mr. Beens - Computer Technology/Computer Studies
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Computer Technology (All Grades)
Communications Technology (All Grades)
Computer Studies (All Grades)
Mr. Belding - Green Industries
Mr. Clark - Manufacturing
Mr. Gurmmett - Welding
Mr. Gulland - Woodshop
Mr. Hamilton - Auto
Mr. Harshaw - Construction
Mrs. Logan - Hairstyling & Aesthetics and Hospitality